Our Story

What We Believe

We believe great tasting meals and high-quality spices should be accessible to everyone. At Flaev Spice Co, it’s not only our job to make meal preparation easy, but our responsibility to have a positive impact on your personal health and the communities we operate in. We achieve this through our products, our platform, and our diverse community of culinary enthusiasts. We are extremely thoughtful about the raw ingredients and materials we use, and the individuals/organizations we partner with and support. When you purchase from Flaev, you are contributing to a movement: to elevate your meals, your health, and the world.



What We Create

We create premium freshly-ground small-batch seasoning blends. In 2018, we started hand-grinding and mixing our own jerk seasoning because we were seeking a healthier, fresher and more flavourful alternative to what was offered in the grocery store. From there, we started researching and experimenting with a plethora of spices and herbs. This allowed us to innovate on some of our favourite blends, while introducing new flavours along the way. We initially shared our spice blends through meals we cooked for our friends and family, while occasionally packaging samples to go. Fast forward to our official launch in December of 2020 and we now carry a range of spice blends that have been refined through market research and chef testing.


How We Do It

To make great tasting meals and premium spice blends accessible, we take a direct-to-consumer approach. Our products aren’t mass-produced, they are thoughtfully crafted with quality ingredients that help transform the at-home chef into a culinary master. We process our blends in small batches and at room temperature to ensure maximum flavour and aroma. We are obsessed with the quality, flavour profile and freshness of each product we package. That’s why we aim to ship our spices within 7 days from when the batch is mixed.

Our mission is to deliver the best batch of Flaev spice every single time.